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Tracfone Dual size Smartphone plan 1500 Min/Data/text

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Package sim

Tracfone sim card is dual size smart phone plan it come active with 1 Year service with 1500 Min, 1500 Text , 1500 Data 
The sim card can be use (unlock phone ) or att phone. Be sure you phone is not black listed by any provider.
You can enjoy full year of 4GLTE Data , talk and text add extra Min or data with Tracfone smartphone package.


Note: Please see your phone device size for more detail require sim card size.

Not accepted buying when (import number from BYOP) to sim can't be the same sim card.

learn more about BYOP tracfone how use it ask us. 

Not to use on Marked tracfone phones only on BYOP.

Sim replacement on damage sim card No warranty on the size of your sim. Don't know you size ask us we will help you. Refunded can be apply please ask us about our policy.