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H2O Wireless 

  • H2O  Sim card

    H2O Wireless

    H2O 3-1 size (Preloaded )

    H2O sim card preloaded first month included with sim card. We will provided 30 days service use drop down choose plan. -Sim will be activated base on your zipcode for local number   

  • H2O bolt 3-1 Sim Size 10GB Data

    H2O Wireless

    H2O bolt 3-1 Sim Size 10GB Data

    The sim card 3-1 come activated with new service ready to use. Stay Connected with Your Tablet, iPad, Smartphone, & More Power Your Device with 4G LTE Speeds at Any Rate Fast and Easy Setup for Configuration Package: Sim card (10GB ) 5...

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  • H2O Bolt Preloaded 4GB Data

    H2O Wireless

    H2O Bolt Preloaded 4GB Data

    The bolt sim card come in 3-1 size (Standar, Micro, Nano)  4GB Data (2 4GLTE/2G ) only apply to the sim when purchase 10 days use.  Service works on AT&T service accepted check your area coverage   How to use: The sim card can be...